Nothing in nature blooms all year …

The Brig, at Bridge of Earn


It’s true! Some people dread January.

Bridge of Earn to Forgandenny







I used to dread January; it stretched out endlessly before me as a dark, cold, oppressive tunnel.





I love January. My mother-in-Law, Rhoda, was a crofter. Years ago I was mentioning my dread of January and she was puzzled, saying that January was a time of rest – for the ground, for the animals and I suppose, for humans. I didn’t understand it at the time. Now I do.

Corrie Fee, Glen Clova




I can get outside and do Winter walks in the Perthshire hills, which have their own kind of beauty in January.



We can see further in winter without the wide views being obstructed by trees. The short days are ok. They really are. And anyway, the days are stretching by ‘a cock’s crow’ every day from the shortest day, 21st December.



Culteuchar Hill, Perthshire


One fantastic thing about Scotland in Winter is the wonderful skies. If I ever moved from Scotland I would miss our Scottish skies.




So January, let me embrace you. I love you. It’s only 6th January and I’ve been out every day in our lovely countryside. I’m self-employed, so I can do that. If I were still working for the NHS I would make sure I got outside among greenery and fresh air as often as I could. It works – trust me I’m a nurse and a midwife!!


Craigvinean, DunkeldPine Cone Point, DunkeldPine Cone Trail, Dunkeld