Mass Exodus

Soft toys clear out

Goodbye old friends …


Here is a small sample of furry friends that I found in the loft during a clear out.


All my children are now in the 20s and yet it was an emotional farewell when the toys finally left.


As I put bat man in the bag I swear I heard him shout out, ”this city needs me!”


Then Tigger and Eeyeore looked at me imploringly, and Dumbo started to cry and that set all the others off. But I had to stand firm. “There is no place in the loft for you all”, I told them kindly. I know it’s for the best.


They will not grow and develop while languishing in the loft with the discarded electric guitar, Physics revision books, dolls house furniture and Christmas decorations. In order to reach their full potential, they need to explore the world of charity shops and different homes; it’s a big wide world out there.


I had individual meetings with them all and explained that they owe it to their hollow fibre stuffing to get out of their comfort zone because we all know that nothing ever grows there.



Teddy Bear

I think the hardest bit for me was seeing teddy bravely waving goodbye as he embarked onĀ  his new life. Larry Lamb, ever stoical was putting on a brave face and trying to smile.


It is always challenging to leave the security of The Loft and to make new connections. What if people don’t like you? Well then, they won’t like you. What if I’m lonely? Well then you’re lonely. Feel it and experience it my stuffed friends. It’s part of life and it means you’re alive. You can’t feel deliriously happy all the time unless you’re taking substances. The easy life is worth nothing, according to Frank McCourt. Do you really want to settle for The Loft?


That’s a rhetorical question, obviously.



One day you’re going to die anyway and will you be saying on your deathbed, “thank goodness I never left the loft and never experienced anything outside the loft.”

Trust me, you will find your swans (teddies/sheep/superhero/) and you’ll learn to avoid the toys that drain your positive energy. You’ll learn to let go of the stuff that no longer serves you.


And I will shed a tear, then admire the empty space in the loft … before filling it with more rubbish.

Update 5 December 2018

I gave most of the soft toys to Perthshire Womens Aid.