Edinburgh Fringe Festival

We’ve had 2 visits to The Fringe this year. We might squeeze in a third one yet!

The atmosphere is fantastic in Edinburgh at this time of year.

My favourite shows this year are:

Janey Godley: What a brilliant story teller. She may use lots of sweary words but she’s such a compassionate person and she’s really very funny. I love her. I even got a hug from her at the end.

Croft and Pearce: Old favourites of ours. We see them every year. Last year they were both off having babies (at the same time). This year, they were back thank goodness. Great to see them. Very clever comedy sketches.

This is Just Who I am: Well … this really was a most thought-provoking performance. The young solo artist absolutely laid herself bare. I was riveted. I wish I could have told her how powerful her performance was, but she disappeared after the show.

Elsie Thatchwick: It was a stroke of good luck that I heard about this play. I was chatting to one of our guests, and casually mentioned we were off to The Fringe later that day, but we weren’t sure yet what to see. She said her niece had written a play and had a show at The Fringe. So off we jolly well went. I’m so glad we did. It was a 2 person play set in the 1990’s, about a teenager, Elsie, who went in search of her dad that she’d never met. It was raw, funny, sad, poignant … all of those things. The 2 actors completely immersed themselves in the roles. I loved it.

The Choir of Man: wow! I was blown away by this show. There were 9 young men who played music, sang, acted, danced, handed out pints of beer … yes really. It was out of this world.

All amazing shows in different ways.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Edinburgh Fringe Festival