Perth Festival of Yarn 2018

Perth Festival of Yarn 2018

Colourful Yarn


This year’s  Festival of Yarn is the 8th and 9th September at Dewars Centre, Perth, 10am – 5pm


This is Scotland’s Contemporary Yarn and Fibre Festival.

There will be a Vendors’ Gallery marketplace both days with and all sorts of materials to quench the crafting thirst.

Tickets  go on sale at 7pm on 14 April.

Perth Festival of Yarn 2018

Woolly Sheep

Workshops and Classes:

Karie Westermann                

Karie’s loves storytelling and craft and her work manages to combine the two. I love her idea that textiles are so much more than merely being something to keep us warm. Karie’s classes are in Knitting the Landscape –  knitwear design inspired by landscapes and – Lace Traditions

Beverley Dott

Beverley’s class is on Fairisle knitting

John Glen                        

John is a retired design and graphics teacher who has been knitting for 47 years. His grandma taught him how to knit and he’s been designing his own knitwear from the age of 15. His podcasts are well known  (Beardychiel’s Knitting Banter)  John’s class is Design your own Shawl focusing on aspects of design such as lacework and textured stitches, shades and colours

Dale Murray                    

Dale is a multi media creator providing video content for a variety of local brands in the Edinburgh area. Dales class is Videography for Textile Arts and Podcasters. The class looks at creating online followers using social media and video

Anna Friberg                 

Anna lives in Sweden. Her speciality is socks!   Anna’s class is Knitting Socks to Fit.