King James VI Hospital

King James VI Hospital

King James VI Hospital


King James I (1394 – 1437) founded The Charterhouse or Carthusian Monastery in 1429 for a prior and 12 monks – the only Carthusian Monastery in Scotland.



The Carthusian Order was founded in 1084 by St Bruno in France.


King James I and his wife, Jane Beaufort are both buried here. James I was murdered in Perth, and was buried here in 1437. Margaret Tudor is also buried here. She was the sister of Henry VIII and the wife of James IV.


The monastery was destroyed in 1559 during the Reformation and was replaced by a hospital in 1569 and there is a monument to the foundation of the monastery in the Hospital grounds.


The hospital was founded by Royal Charter in 1569 by James Stewart, Earl of Moray. He was Regent for King James VI who was just a wee slip of a lad.


Managers were appointed to ensure the wellbeing of the “poor, maimed, weak, distressed persons, orphans and fatherless children” in the region. Then in 1587 When King James VI was all growed up and more kingly, he granted the hospital a new charter. And so the plaque above the entrance to the hospital says, “Founded by King James the Sixth 1587”.


The current building is a Category A Listed Building built in 1749-50, five years after Culloden.


It was built as a poorhouse, industrial school, infirmary and reformatory for vagrants.


So there you go then. Oh in the 1970’s this historic building was turned into flats. Boom!