Blackberry Picking Season

Autumn berries













Every year I get excited about blackberry (or bramble) picking far too soon. Then when that small window of optimum juicyness is upon us, I find it almost impossible to get out foraging! Annoying. However this season I have made three foraging expeditions (very successful I might add) on my very doorstep. I’ve made crumbles, pies, mousse, smoothies, compotes (compote?) OK compote is a posh name for a stewed version. I warm the berries and spoon them on top of my home made granola (ooh get me!), then add a dollop of natural yogurt. What a power-packed brecky that is: vitamins, proteins, carbs all on a oner.

juicy blackberries













Top tips for berry picking:

  1. Pick the higher up berries. don’t be tempted by the juicy lower down berries (dog wee and fox wee … nuff said)
  2. Take a container that will comfortably hold your harvest without squishing the fruit
  3. Only take what you need and leave the rest for other needy souls (me) and the birds
  4. to clean them put them in a large bowl that is filled with cold water (some people put salt in – I do sometimes and haven’t noticed any adverse effects on flavour). all the dust and fluff and wormy things float to the top pour them off and soak again afew times.
  5. Freeze in a single layer then store in a sandwich bag or box
  6. Eat and enjoy. Warm slightly with a tiny sprinkling o f brown sugar and some lemon or orange juice.
  7. Berry picking season is August – October, but where I live in Perthshire, they’re at their best mid – late September. Folklore says you must not pick the berries after 29 September (Michaelmas) because the devil will spit on them. Or .. you can ignore that rule and pick them anyway.

berries for breakfast