Dining Experience Perth


Many moons ago I was part of Perth Volleyball Club and played for ‘Perth Women’. Note there was nothing fancy about the team name; not a ‘Jet’ or a ‘Wildcat’ in sight. Just plain old ‘Perth Women’. And that is exactly what we were (well ok, not plain and not old). We travelled all over Scotland, mostly in my 8 seater playmobile playing National League volleyball, so that the team bonding started right from the word ‘go’.

Anyway, I digress. Some of the team members meet up every couple of months for dinner. We take it in turns to choose a venue and have experienced every restaurant in Perth (including new ones which spring up from time to time). One of my favourites so far is a Nepalese restaurant called Everest, in South Methven Street (and not just because it was my choice!). The staff are very accommodating, the food is fantastic and so is the service.

South Indian Food

South Indian Food

It’s my turn again to choose our venue for this Saturday 8 April, and I always seek out eateries with good Vegetarian options. I have selected …………

Tabla. Tabla is an Indian tapas restaurant in south Street, Perth. Praveen offers an authentic Indian dining experience, using spices grown by the family in India. It’s ages since I tried it so I reckon we are overdue for a visit. I’ll keep you posted.

Mmmm my mouth is watering at the very thought.

I’ll report back after 8th April.