Walk This Way UK New Gym

Walk this Way UK is run by Mike Poole who among many other things, is a personal trainer. In recent years, Mike specialises in pre and post operative SDR therapy. SDR is Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy, which is an operation that aims to reduce spasticity in the limbs to enable children and adults to become more mobile. Mike is helped by Charli, and they both work long hours with back to back sessions to help families to progress with the goal of being able to walk.

Gym for sdr children with cerebral palsy opens in Perth, Scotland

Bright new gym in Perth, Scotland for Walk This Way UK


Gym for sdr children with cerebral palsy opens in Perth, Scotland

Space and light in the new gym.

The new gym which has opened at Friarton, Perth is just minutes down the road from us. It’s a fantastic space with comfy seating, a large kitchen, quiet lounge area, tv, coffee and tea making facilities and most importantly a superbly equipped gym. Mike’s previous work was with elite athletes and he still maintains a strong interest in this. He applies his methods for elite athlete training to the children with cerebral palsy, with fantastic results. Many of the families that come to see Mike and Charli stay at our lodges, often coordinating visits so they coincide with other families who they’ve met in the course of treatments.

Mike’s latest venture is with Walk This Way USA, and he moves to America this month with his family, Claire and Taylor to work with children there. He will be travelling between the UK and USA with a bit of Israel thrown in just to fill up his timetable even more!!!

We are honoured to have a tiny part in the SDR journey with Mike’s clients and families.