Medieval Ecclesiamagirdle (Exmagirdle) Chapel

I hadn’t seen my friend, Tammy in quite a while, so we needed a long enough walk in order to catch-up with each other’s news. We walked from the centre of Bridge of Earn to this little gem the other evening.

ruins remains medieval chapel

The remains of the medieval Ecclesiamagirdle (Exmagirdle) Chapel, Bridge of Earn

Now I know I’ve posted about this extraordinary place before, but Tammy didn’t know of its existence so it was a good excuse to re-visit Ecclesiamagirdle Chapel, thought to have been built circa 1500 (pronounced Exmagirdle, and sometimes spelt that way too). Ecclesiamagirdle Chapel and Ecclesiamagirdle House (early 17th Century) nestle at the bottom of the Ochils, just outside Bridge of Earn. It’s approx 3 miles there and 3 miles back. You could make the walk longer by making a detour by the old Dron Church.

medieval chapel

Taken from the Chapel at Ecclesiamagirdle (Exmagirdle)

It is so peaceful here and the only sounds to be heard were the cacophony of birdsong. There are several old gravestones from the 1600’s, and as Tammy pointed out, Australia hadn’t even been discovered at that time (she’s Australian!). What a thought to stand where others had stood, mourning their dead four hundred years ago. Of note is the Covenanter’s Grave: Thomas Small, who died in 1645 and the inscription says:  “HEIR LYIS ANE VERTOUS HUSBANDMAN, THOMAS SMALL, WHO DIED FOR RELIGION, COVENANT, KING AND COUNTRIE …”

covenanter covenanters grave

The Covenanter’s Grave at Ecclesiamagirdle Chapel, Bridge of Earn

We were then drawn to the house, the loch and the dovecot

medieval chapel

Tranquil surroundings at Ecclesiamagirdle (Exmagirdle) House, Bridge of Earn

These stunning surroundings kept us enthralled for ages as evening fell and it really was time to be walking home again. The house has some fascinating features, such as the fortified studded door, the turret and the beautiful horse head carvings on the stable door.

medieval chapel Christian

Studded Door at Ecclesiamagirdle House

Turret Exmagirdle Glenearn

Lovely turreted detail at Ecclesiamagirdle (Exmagirdle) House

Stables Horse

Beautiful Horse Heads sculptures outside the stables at Ecclesiamagirdle House

This is a very pleasant walk along country lanes and agricultural land, by the foot of the Ochils.