Dundee University Netball Triumph

I nipped over to Glasgow today, to watch the Red Devils aka Dundee University Netball Team play Strathclyde University. This match was important; a match that would decide whether or not Dundee would be promoted. It was a great game, with exceptional teamwork and tactical play on both sides. Dundee had a shortage of subs while Strathclyde had a sizeable supply of fresh legs. Also some of the Dundee team may or may not have been struggling with a hangover. It was the Sports Ball last night and Dundee Netball club was voted Club of the year and their coach, Fiona Booth was voted Coach of the Year.

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Dundee University Netball Team victorious and now eligible for promotion.

Fiona is an ex Netball Scotland coach and her experience has helped to grow the club into one with five teams instead of only one team which was the case a few years ago. Fiona can spot a player’s strengths and weaknesses in a blink. She came through to Glasgow with the girls today to be one of the umpires, knowing the importance of this match and wanting to set her high umpiring standards right from the first whistle.

I had to leave briefly to put more money in the ridiculously extortionate parking meter (60p for 12 minutes: what kind of a silly amount is that? I had to get my calculator out to work out how much money I’d need for 70 minutes!) When I came back Strathclyde had pulled back and were catching up bit by bit. They played their best netball in this final quarter. However the final score was 49 – 34 to Dundee. And breathe …

Well done Dundee. It was a fabulous game. I look forward to next season as your cheerleader!