Sunday Walk in Perthshire

My brand new Samsung Galaxy S5 phone has started telling me how many steps I’ve taken a day, without me even asking it! I thought I’d put it to the test today and set off for a wee walk around 2pm, when the light was lovely. I started off here at River Edge Lodges and walked towards Perth passing Moncreiffe Woods and Brig Farm Shop on the way.

Moncreiffe Woods

Autumn sunshine on Moncreiffe Woods on the way to Perth from Bridge of Earn, Scotland

At Craigend,I turned right towards Rhynd and Elcho Castle. I looked down and saw Friarton Bridge which I’d driven over earlier this morning on my way to Live Active Rodney to do a Body Pump class with the lovely Karen┬átaking the class. I always think Friarton Bridge looks like it’s going to go straight into the centre of Kinnoull Hill, like the Pied Piper.

Friarton Bridge

Friarton Bridge from Bridge of Earn to Perth

See what I mean?

Anyway I decided it would be rather nice (if a little unusual) to do some yoga postures at the top of Moncreiffe Hill. I had taken my favourite son with me and explained the plan, “you want me to photograph you doing what?” he exclaimed, ” a downward dog in the woods, what will people think?” I airily brushed aside his concerns – nobody will be about I reassured him. So, we reached Moncreiffe Hill car park which was packed to the gunnels with cars … ah well, do we care? I asked Jake …

pensive Jake

A pensive Jake as he contemplates exactly how mad his mother is

We (I) got stuck into the poses, and anybody milling about near the top of Moncreiffe Hill didn’t hang around after seeing what we were up to:

Warrior Yoga outside

Warrior Pose Moncreiffe Hill

yoga outside triangular posture

Yoga Outside 1st triangular posture

outdoor yoga downward dog

outdoor yoga, downward dog up Moncreiffe Hill

outdoor yoga perthshire, tree posture

outdoor yoga, tree posture

dancer yoga posture,up Moncreiffe Hill, near Perth, Scotland

dancer yoga pose outdoors

yoga eagle posture

Outdoor Yoga, eagle posture, Moncreiffe Hill, near Perth, Scotland

Enough of that nonsense then. On the way back down the other side of Moncreiffe Hill we played on the Octopus Tree – well you can’t walk past it without playing on it.

climbing trees, woodland trust,

playing on the octopus tree, Moncreiffe Hill, Bridge of Earn, Perth, Scotland

Turns out I did 8.56 miles (17382 steps) and burned 599 calories!! All that AND bringing mind and body together to the embarrassment of my poor son. Can I have some wine now?