Ikea Edinburgh Skandi furniture

The IKEA experience

Well actually more than three, but three will do for now. Our niece from Shetland, Inga came to stay on her way to Lancaster University to sit  an exam for a postgrad course in ultrasound scanning. Anyway, it turns out that Inga has never been to IKEA!! I know! So what other excuse did we need? We set off to that Swedish Heaven on a Stick with the usual excitement. After our Ikea fix we dropped Inga at Waverley Station with promise that we would take her back to Ikea soon, then we zoomed home to examine our lovely purchases – none of them necessary but all of them delightful, except the cactus that my daughter, Iona insisted on buying, despite warnings of bad Fung Shui because of the spiky bits – bad chi you see.

That was number 1. Number 2 and 3 are very close together both chronologically and geographically. I hadn’t been to the gym for a while and I hadn’t been for a massage for a while either. So I had the brilliant idea of doing a tough body Pump class followed straight afterwards by a massage – a sort of bribe to myself. Off I went to body Pump at Rodney Fitness Centre, Perth  for the 9.40am class. It was great! So great that I stumbled out of the gym and into the shower with my legs and arms and everything else feeling all of a tremble. I had about 4 minutes to have a shower then get myself down to Accento on Tay Street to see the fantastical Lesley Quinn for a long-overdue back neck and shoulder massage. In my excitement, I had forgotten both a towel and a top to put on. I feverishly tried to dry myself with  non-absorbant hi spec gym wear, then tried to tug my clothes onto a still-wet and still-trembling body. I now had 1 minute 14 seconds to get to Accento and the subsequent Nirvana.


I sprinted over the bridge from Rodney to Accento having luckily found a spare fleece in my gym bag – otherwise it would have been a topless dash. I arrived at Accento even more of a tremble still damp and dishevelled. The upshot is that Lesley turned me into a new woman; I’m so chilled now it’s soooooo awesome and cooool man.  Lesley is an absolutely fantastic therapist. and I can’t recommend her highly enough. Have a look at the Lesley Quinn Therapies Face Book page and if you’re ever in Perth you might want to set some time aside to become a new woman or man too.