Day Out in Perth

Tayberry Gallery
With our daughter’s 18th looming and my dad’s 80th the day after, I had a few things to get in Perth recently. First stop was one of my favourite shops, Tayberry Gallery on Princes Street. This shop is full of treasures, many of which are made by local artists. I bought a beautiful necklace for Alannah, in oxidised silver; it was a small flower bud with a cluster of tiny pearls around it. She adores it by the way. While I was there I also picked up a stunning glass dish with a thistle on it and an arty squished cup – ceramic but looks like a crushed paper cup, with a picture of the Perth Bridge on it. These were specially commissioned for Tayberry’s 5th birthday. These two things were for my very good friend, Michelle who shares a birthday with Alannah. Tayberry Gallery recently won the Independent Retailer of the Year award for 2014 – well deserved too. The staff are lovely. Next stop was Whispers of the Past on George Street. Laura wasn’t in but I was looked after by her lovely sister. I bought more bunting for dad’s 80th. There’s a great supply of bunting in Whispers, as well as heaps of other wonderful stuff. I could spend hours in here. At the top of George Street, is the Perth Museum and

Whispers of the Past   Museum and Art Gallery
Art Gallery, and I love having a potter around here, so I was distracted for a wee while, as I nipped inside. After a bit more shopping I was in need of food. I retraced my steps to Tayberry Gallery and right across the road is Duo, a favourite eaterie of ours, though we’ve only ever eaten here in the evening. So we nipped in to see what we could have for lunch. Manuel was busy making pizza, ciabatta, salads etc etc but he recommended the meal deal. Listen to this for a real meal deal: a filled ciabatta or baguette with pretty much anything you want on it, a slice of tart and a drink … all for £5.90. Brilliant value for money. I couldn’t decide what to put on my ciabatta so I asked Manuel to surprise me with a veggie filling. I then chose tarte limon and a huge coffee. We decided to take it away with us to sit in the park and eat it. Oh my, the ciabatta, when I unwrapped it was as big as my head and filled with all sorts of yummy things. I couldn’t manage my slice of tart and saved it for later on. Deeeeeelish We also bought some homemade rustic bread to bring home.  We love duo. So there you go, just a teeny tiny smattering of all that is good in Perth, Scotland. duo