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The Wallace Road and Scott’s View

This lovely walk takes about 2-3 hours with stops. It can be muddy in parts. Sir Walter Scott loved this view from Dron Hill, and described it in his book ‘The Fair Maid of Perth’. Wear sturdy footwear (O/S Landranger Map 58)

Leave village, heading away from Perth. Go past park on right and turn right up Heughfield Road. At the end of Heughfield Road turn left and walk past The Roost (fab restaurant). Walk past houses on the left and go 1/3 of a mile passing fields on the left and Kilgraston grounds on the right.

Turn left up a grassy track (125 172), with the sign ‘West Dron’ (before a small bridge and the burn). This track can get overgrown in Summer and muddy in Winter (If the path is overgrown or too muddy you can take the road instead which is first left once you have walked past the path – a signpost says West Dron 1 1/2 miles). After 15 minutes you come to the end of the track, you meet the road coming uphill from the right (this is the road you’ll be on if you’ve chosen not to take the path (126 162).

Follow the road uphill for about 50 meters to West Dron Farmhouse. Turn right here and walk past houses on left, then cottages on right. Turn left onto Wallace Road, where long ago William Wallace marched his army (124 158).

Wallace Road to Scott's View, Bridge of Earn, Perthshire

Walking up the Wallace Road towards Scott’s View

Go through 1st gate and 2nd gate (sometimes open). At the 3rd gate go over the stile. Follow the track as it curves to the left. After 10 mins you come to a fork, go over the stile/gate on the LEFT (125 150). Follow the track for another 10 mins (it can be wet here), then it bends to the left, crossing a small burn which is sometimes dried up in Summer (124 147). Facing SE now (look left), head on up to Scott’s View (avoid tractor tracks that veer to the right). You will see windmills on your right. At the top there was a plaque to mark Scott’s View (125 145), but it’s disappeared – just remains of a small wrought iron gate!

Scott's View, Perthshire

A Winter walk up Scott’s view.

There’s a small lochan nearby – good picnic stop. Here you can turn around and go back the way you came. Or continue on.

Scott's View, Perthshire

The lochan at the top of Scott’s View


Scott's View Wallace Road

Descending from Scott’s View back down to the Wallace Road

Continue on up through 1st gate and follow the path East (left’ish) uphill then ‘around’ the top. The grassy path starts to descend and becomes ill-defined – the two peaks of the Lomond Hills can be seen ahead unless it’s misty. There is also a mast in the distance. Go through the gate and follow the fence on the left downhill.

The M90 and Balmanno Castle (big white house) can be seen on your left. Now the Lomonds are on the right, and the mast is ahead. At the bottom, go through the gate on the left. Follow the fence on the right until almost level with a small reservoir and animal pen (132 148). Go under/over the fence here (there’s no stile)- there are some trees which make it easier to get over the fence. Join the track on the other side of the fence, heading left. Cross over cattle grids.

After 10 mins the track bends to the left, passing a deep gorge on the right (the M90 is now on the right). Continue downhill on the track, past a green corrugated shed on the right and stinky silage. Carry on for a few hundred yards through the gate posts and onto the road (136 157). Turn right over the motorway bridge and walk past East Dron Farm, following the road to the left down to the junction (142 165). Turn left and walk past Brickhall Farm back to Bridge of Earn.

Horses on the return journey from Scott's View, Perthshire

On the way home from Scott’s View