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Moncreiffe Hill

Octopus Tree Woodland Trust Moncreiffe Hill and Woods Perthshire

Hangin’ around at the Octopus Tree, Moncreiffe Hill and Woods

We have dragged our children up Moncreiffe Hill for years. It’s on our doorstep and I never get tired of it. You can approach it from ‘our’ side or from the ‘Perth’ side.  You can drive to either car park to climb to the top. Or leave the car and do a round trip from your lodge, over the top and down the other side then back down the road to your lodge.

Moncreiffe Hill and Woods

Moncreiffe Hill and Woods

Expect to see deer, red squirrels and birds of prey. From the top there are stunning views in all directions. You can see Dundee, the Lomond Hills and the Kingdom of Fife.

Moncreiffe Hill and Woods, Perthshire, Woodland Trust

Moncreiffe Hill Daisies

Moncreiffe Hill and Woods Woodland Trust

Moncreiffe Hill Dundee in background

Woodland Trust Moncreiffe Hill

Look you can see our house from here!

Trees Woodland Trust Mopncreiffe Hill and Woods

The trees are my friends