Autumn and Sober October

Autumn Bridge of Earn, Perthshire

My mother is very fond of saying, “Autumn would be my favourite month if it weren’t for the shortening of the days …”



Apparently her mother, my namesake, said it first and now whenever anyone mentions Autumn, my mother comes out with this – like clockwork. Drives me mad!



Anyway, Autumn IS my favourite month, precisely because of the shortening of the days. The fire goes on and the jumpers and favourite boots come out to play.


Loch Faskally, Pitlochry, Perthshire



On a crisp Autumn day when the sky is blue and the dazzling colours of crimson and cobalt blue make me want to weep with joy and gratitude … well I

know that just wouldn’t happen on a July day.

Autumn mushrooms









I am often gripped with an overwhelming urge to get outside and smell those scents that are peculiar to Autumn.




And with Sober October upon us what about this little gem …

“Alcohol is never the answer.

Unless the question is “what is C2H5OH”


The @scpn (Scottish Cancer Prevention Network) tells us that drinking alcohol increases our risk of cancer. The more we drink the higher our risk.

Getting outside for a walk can help fight the urge to reach for a comforting glass of alcohol. Especially when it’s the weekend and the ‘weekend wine’ effect takes hold. We turn to alcohol or sugary and fatty comfort food to help us unwind after a hard week.

But changing our routine can go some way to loosen the grip of the bad habits.

Good luck!

Trees in AutumnRiver Garry, Pitlochry, Perthshiremushrooms