Outlander Locations

Outlander Locations: Local film Locations, starting with the nearest to River Edge Lodges. All within easy reach from here.


River Edge Lodges (Boston): No distance! Right here!

Yes our very own lodges were used for filming Season 4 in November/December 2017.

We’re not allowed to give away any details yet, until the relevant episodes have been aired.



Falkland (Inverness): 10 miles/16km, 20 mins drive.

Bruce Fountain, Falkland, Fife

Falkland, Fife (Inverness in Outlander)


One of the earliest scenes in Outlander features the quaint small town of Falkland in Fife. This is meant to be Inverness in the 1940’s in Season 1 and the 1960s in Season 2. The Bruce Fountain, right in the centre of Falkland, is where Jamie’s ghost is seen looking up at Claire’s window. The Covenanter Hotel in Falkland the guesthouse owned by Mrs Baird. Fayre Earth is a lovely gift shop in real life and this is depicted as Farrell’s Hardware and Furniture Store. Also in the square is Campbell’s Coffee House.
There was more filming for Season 4 in early 2018.


Other things to do in Falkland: Visit Falkland Palace where Mary Queen of Scots lived. Walk through the grounds of Falkland Palace Estate to my favourite café: Pillars of Hercules. Walk to Maspie Den, a local beauty spot. Climb East Lomond and West Lomond hills. Visit some of the lovely shops and cafes in Falkland.


Tibbermore Church (Witch Trials): 9 miles/14km, 15 mins drive.


The medieval Tibbermore Church is the court where Claire and Geillis are on trial accused of witchcraft in “The Devil’s Mark” episode, Season 1. Geillis was sentenced to death by being burned at the stake. Claire escapes with Jamie.


Tullibardine Chapel (“Vengeance is Mine”): 20 miles/32km, 25 mins drive.


Tullibardine Chapel, near Auchterarder, Perthshire was used in the “Vengeance is Mine” episode in Season 2. Claire and Jamie and their group hide here on their journey up North. They are discovered by some Redcoats. They pretend Claire is a hostage and release her to the redcoats in order to escape themselves.
Also the chapel features that gruesome bit where Rupert loses an eye.


Dating back to 1446, Tullibardine Chapel is a pre-Reformation chapel.
The grounds are open all year but the chapel is only open April to September.


Drummond Castle Gardens (Palace of Versailles): 22 miles/35km, 35 mins drive.


The stunning backdrop of Drummond Castle Gardens in Crieff, Perthshire doubles as the Palace of Versailles.
The gardens were also used in the United Artists film Rob Roy.
Open to the public May to October.


Dysart Harbour (Le Harvre): 23 miles/37km, 40 mins drive.


The lovely picturesque Dysart Harbour is the port of Le Harvre in France in the 1740’s in Season 2. Claire and Jamie escape here after they have rescued Jamie from the clutches of you-know-who.
The St. Germain’s Warehouse is also filmed here.


Dysart is part of The Fife Coastal Path, a long distance walk from Kincardine on the Forth to Newburgh on the Tay).


Aberdour Castle, (Abbey of Ste. Anne de Beaupré): 26 miles/ 42km, 41 mins drive.

Aberdour Castle, Abbey of Ste. Anne de Beaupré in Outlander

Aberdour Castle, Abbey of Ste. Anne de Beaupré, Monastery in Outlander


Beautiful Aberdour Castle on the Fife Coast (cue for another plug for the Fife Coastal Path!) is the monastery in Outlander, where Jamie is taken by Claire and Murtagh after escaping from Wentworth Prison. This 12th-century building is one of the oldest castles in Scotland. Amazingly it has a well-preserved 17th-century painted ceiling.


Hopetoun House (Home of the Duke of Sandringham): 31 miles/49km, 40 mins drive.


Hopetoun House was the grand home of the Duke of Sandringham (played by Simon Callow) in Season 1.
Hopetoun House was also used to depict Paris in Season 2 and the Hawkins Estate.


Hopetoun House is a Beautiful stately home in South Queensferry, near Edinburgh. Adrian, Marquis of Linlithgow is the owner in real life. It’s open to the public April to October and has acres of lovely grounds to explore.


Midhope (Lallybroch/Broch Turarach): 31 miles/49km, 40 mins drive


Midhope Castle, also on the Hopetoun Estate, is Lallybroch, the family home of Jamie Fraser and his sister, Jennny. Jenny and her husband, Ian live there, taking care of it while Jamie is away living with the Mackenzies.


The outside filming was done here – including the horrible whipping scene by Jack Randall to Jamie – it was filmed in the archway.
A permit is required to visit the 15th century Midhope Castle, which is actually a derelict ruin and not accessible to the public as it’s potentially dangerous!


Culross (Cranesmuir): 33 miles/53km, 40 mins drive.

Culross, Cranesmuir in Outlander

Culross, Cranesmuir in Outlander


Culross was depicted as the village of Cranesmuir, Where Geillis Duncan lived, before she was imprisoned and sentenced to death for witchcraft.


The very public punishments that were doled out, took place in the square here in Culross. There was the poor young boy who had his ear nailed for some minor crime.


The gardens of Culross Palace were also used for the gardens of Castle Leoch is Season 1, where Claire found herbs for cooking and for treatments of minor ailments. Culross was also used for filming of the Jacobite camp and temporary hospital scenes in Season 2.


Culross is a 17th Century Scottish Royal Burgh, with quaint whitewashed and colourful cottages. It’s a perfectly preserved example of a 17th and 18th century small town. It really is like stepping back in time here, with fabulous views over the Firth of Forth. The Palace from the early 17th century and the Abbey are stunning.


This is such a pretty village and it’s also another place on the Fife Coastal Path, if you fancy a bit of walking (you can tell I’m a fan).


There was more filming in Culross for Season 4 in February 2018.


Culross, Cranesmuir in Outlander


Doune Castle (Castle Leoch): 33 miles/53km, 45 mins drive.

Doune Castle aka Castle Leoch

Doune Castle aka Castle Leoch


Doune Castle was used as Castle Leoch, home of the Mackenzie Clan. Who could forget that scene in Season 1 with the horses galloping under the arch as Claire got her first glimpse of Castle Leoch.


It was also used for filming a 1945 episode, when Claire and her husband, Frank visited the castle for a day while they were on honeymoon.


Doune Castle in Perthshire is a stunning medieval stronghold built in the 14th century. It’s a fascinating place to visit. The visitor information commentary is partly done by our very own Jamie Fraser.


As well as Outlander, Doune Castle was also used to film Mony Python’s The Holy Grail, and Game of Thrones (Winterfell in the Pilot). Bonnie Prince Charlie stayed here too many moons ago. The castle was used to house Jacobite prisoners in the Jacobite wars.


While you’re in this neck of the woods you could visit Rob Roy McGregor’s grave. Rob Roy (with Liam Neeson and Jessica Lange) was filmed around these parts too. We had some of the film crew staying here in the lodges.


The Reaper Tall Ship: 34 miles/54km, 50 mins drive.


One of the ships in Dysart Harbour, standing in for the port of Le Harvre in Season 2. The Reaper is berthed at Anstruther Harbour, not far from Dysart. It is looked after by the Scottish Fisheries Museum (well worth a visit by the way).


Blackness Castle (Stronghold of Black Jack Randall, Fort William): 35 miles/56 km 45 mins drive


Blackness Castle in Linlithgow, is a 15th century fortress on the Firth of Forth, that depicts the government forces HQ in Fort William. Jamie Fraser was brutally flogged by the dastardly Captain Jack Randall here (boo … hiss …) in Season 1.


Blackness Castle was also where Claire was rescued by Jamie, after she was captured and held prisoner by Black Jack Randall. This ex-artillery fortress is known as “the ship that never sailed” due to its unusual shape.


Linlithgow Palace (Wentworth Prison): 36 miles/58km, 47 mins drive.

Linlithgow Palace, Wentworth Prison in Outlander

Linlithgow Palace, Wentworth Prison in Outlander


Linlithgow Palace is used in the Wentworth Prison scenes. This is where Jamie stood trial, was tortured and sentenced to hang.


He was saved from hanging only to endure hideous treatment at the hands of he-who-shall-not-be-named.
Linlithgow palace was once the royal seat of the Stewart kings of Scotland.


Bo’ness and Kinneil Railway (London during the war): 37 miles/59km, 46 mins drive.


This heritage railway attraction was the scene of a London train station for filming tearful farewells between Frank and Claire in the 1940’s.
The historic railway and museum near Edinburgh does Thomas the Tank trips which are brilliant!


George Square, Glasgow :40 miles/64km 1 hour.


George Square was built in 1781 by James and Robert Adam. It was used to film a 1940s scene where Frank proposed to Claire in Season 1.


Glencorse Old Kirk (Claire and Jamie’s wedding): 47 miles/75km 55 mins drive.


Jamie and Claire got married here at the 17th century Glencorse Old Kirk, near the Pentland Hills, Midlothian.


Glasgow Cathedral (L’Hopital des Anges, Paris) 61 miles/98km, 1 hour 5 mins drive.


A gothic, medieval cathedral, right in Glasgow City Centre. There are beautiful stained glass windows, and massive vaults and crypts. The scenes in L’Hopital des Anges, where Claire worked (and was later cared-for by the nuns) were filmed down below between the columns, in Season 2.


West End of Glasgow (Harvard and Boston): 63 miles/101km, 1 hour 10 mins drive.


The sandstone buildings and mock gothic University of Glasgow were used for the Boston and Harvard scenes (Dowanhill Street in Glasgow) in Season 3.


Pollok Country Park (Castle Leoch grounds): 66 miles/106km, 1 hour 15 mins drive.


Pollock Country Park was the grounds of Castle Leoch in Season 1. It has manicured box hedges and some quaint little cottages. It also doubled as the countryside in France in Season two. This park is a great day out regardless of Outlander connections because it contains the wonderful Burrell collection, an artist’s dream.


Rannoch Moor, (Craigh na Dun): 73 miles/117km 1 hour 45 mins.


The scenery where the standing stones were set, is at the beautiful and atmospheric Rannoch Moor, Perthshire.
This is also used as a backdrop to Claire and Frank’s honeymoon.


When Outlander were filming here at River Edge Lodges (did I mention that?) our location manager told us that the filming of close-ups of the stones were done with stones made out of resin. The far-away shots were of real standing stones but because of all the leaning and touching of the stones and of course mounting equipment on them, they had to use made up ones, rather than risk damaging these megalithic structures.


Highland Folk Museum (MacKenzie village): 73 miles/117km, 1 hour and a quarter.


The Highland Folk Museum village has traditional 18th century turf-roofed Highland crofts, and was just perfect to film scenes at the Mackenzie village, when Dougal is collecting the rents. And remember the bit where Claire was helping the village women dye the textiles using urine?


The folk village is at Newtonmore, near Aviemore. I’ve been here a few times – with the kids when they were younger, and without the kids!! It’s a great place to visit whether Outlander was filmed here or not. We spoke to some of the staff about the filming, way before the series was aired.


Glencoe (opening credits season 1): 80 miles 1 hr 45 mins.




One of my favourite places in the world. Fantastic scenery, moody and atmospheric. Features a lot in the opening credits.


Site of the famous massacre of the MacDonalds by the Campbells.


A little further North is the Glenfinnan Monument where Bonnie Prince Charlie raised his standard when he started the Jacobite Rising of 1745. Skyfall and Harry Potter were filmed here too.


Loch Katrine (where Roger and Bri go for a drive): 61 miles/98km


In episode 13 Bri and Roger are driving around this area of Brenachoile Point, Loch Katrine in Season 2.
Loch Katrine is a beautiful spot in the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park. Sir Walter Scott was inspired by Loch Katrine to write ‘Lady of the Lake’ his famous poem from 1810 (that is when he wasn’t gallivanting around Bridge of Earn waxing lyrical about The Fair Maid of Perth).


Tulloch Ghru (Opening credits) 90 miles/144km, 1 hour 45 mins drive.


This amazingly beautiful scenery near Aviemore and the Cairngorms was used to film the woods that Claire, Jamie and company travelled through in the very first episode of Season 1. It is also in the opening credits of Season 1.


Culloden Battlefield, Culloden Moor – 117 miles/188km, 2 hours 10 mins drive.

Culloden Moor Battlefield

Culloden Moor Battlefield


The Battle of Culloden, 1745.


Jamie insists on sending Claire back through the stones at Craigh na Dun on the eve of the battle to keep her and their unborn child safe.

When he says his final goodbye, he doesn’t want to live any longer anyway and turns back to the battle prepared to die for his country.


Claire visited Culloden when she was back in the 1960’s and visited the Fraser grave stone.


Clan Fraser Grave, Culloden

Clan Fraser Grave, Culloden


The site of the Battle of Culloden is very eerie and atmospheric.


The visitor centre is excellent, and we are reminded that this is actually a war grave and urged to treat it with respect.



There is a fantastic exhibition showing the timeline of the events leading up to the battle.



Culloden Monument

Culloden Monument