New Year New Me

Some people hate January: it’s a long dark month … but it’s also a chance for everything to get back into balance. My mother in Law in Shetland didn’t mind January at all. This is surprising considering she was a crofter wife with three bairns and was outside feeding animals, working the land, cutting peat etc in all weathers. But granny Rhoda always said that Winter was a time of rest and ‘settling’. “… even the ground has to rest”, she said when people complained about the barren land and lack of crops and flowers. So the ground settles and rests, and makes ready for the coming Spring. Animals do the same. Humans should try it too, and maybe not fight against it.

Winter at River Edge Lodges



Anyway, I always think of Rhoda in January when I’m tempted to allow the big black cloak to swamp me. There are new opportunities, new beginnings .. as well as the same old sh … tuff!




It’s been a very busy few months here. We had Outlander filming Season 4 here in November and early December. Then we spent some time putting everything back the way it was pre-filming. We have visitors staying for Christmas and were full, as usual for New Year.

New Yeae's Eve

Hogmanay at River Edge Lodges


Hogmanay was the usual open house here with the fireworks marking the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018.








New Year fireworks








Dunbarney Estate, Bridge of Earn, Perthshire new years walk









And now we’re trying to catch up with outstanding tasks in the lodges and the grounds and the office, as well as managing to squeeze inĀ  afew walks to help to make January more bearable!