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I’ve been following Piotr from Outdoor Explore for quite a while now, on Face Book, Instagram and Twitter. Outdoor Explore offers guided tours in kayaks, canoes, hiking, wildlife expeditions … and more. When I see some of Piotr’s posts, I often envy the freedom of being out on the water when I’m getting cabin fever here in the office!

Outdoor Explore does kayak tours and canoe tours in Central Scotland

Piotr from Outdoor Explore preparing to paddle from Bridge of Earn to Perth





Today I met Piotr in person at last. He told me he planned to paddle from Bridge of Earn to Perth mid morning. so around 10am I abandoned the office and ambled the few metres down to the banks of the River Earn. I found Piotr under the bridge just getting organised in the water.




It was a beautiful sunny day with some of the earlier snow still around on the surrounding fields. My photos taken with my trusty phone do not, however do the brilliant sun any justice. Off they went into the mini rapids and then I lost them from sight. I know that it is 5km from here to Perth by road, but I wonder if Piotr can tell us how long it is when going by the River Earn and then after joining the Silvery Tay, which snakes along in a convoluted style before reaching Perth.


kayak and canoe tours in Perthshire

…and then there were none



You can find out what Outdoor Explore offers here

It’s not just kayak tours and canoe beaver safaris – they also do hill walking, mountain biking, archery … well take a look and get in touch for your own outdoor adventure.