Dundee Women in Science Festival 2015


I’ve been waiting eagerly for this years Dundee Women in Science Festival – the only festival in Britain celebrating women in science, technology, engineering & maths. The festival aims to promote careers in science for everyone, especially women and girls, and presents the exciting research in science taking place across Scotland.

Dundee Women in Science Festival 2015

Women in Science Festival

Our daughter, Alannah is studying Biological Sciences at Dundee University and we were inspired by a talk given by Professor Lesley Yellowlees from Edinburgh University 2 years ago. She made science sound like fun … and it is fun! The Dundee Women in Science Festival is three weeks chock full of family fun days, shows, exhibitions, talks, films, comedy … And most events are free of charge.

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Alannah, a scientist in the making

Incidentally, Dundee happens to be the ideal place to host the Women in Science Festival, seeing as Dundee University ranks No. 1 for research in Life Sciences, not just in Britain but in the whole of Europe. Actually I have three children at Dundee University studying Biological Sciences, Mechanical Engineering and Mental Health Nursing – all science based subjects. Thank goodness that the Scottish Government sees education as an investment in the future of our country, so that tuition fees are free. Still, paying for student accommodation for three is difficult, but worth it.

Have a look at the Women in Science Program here : Women in Science Festival 

There’s loads going on. Top of my list so far is:

“What Has Science Done for Me?” Talk by Lesley Yellowlees, “Dundee Skeptics in the Pub” Are robots set to take over the world?, “Can We Train the Brain?” Oh and there are three film screenings too at the Hannah Maclure Centre, Abertay University: Europa Report, Transendence and Proof.

So what are you waiting for? Get into it.